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Our Opportunity

The Hail Creek Mine is in Central Queensland inland from the coast around Mackay. The land that the mine and surrounding communities in the Mackay region occupy will always be part of the Birri Gubba Nation and home to the Wiri, Yuwiburra and Barada Barna Peoples.
We are mindful that First Nations Peoples across Central Queensland were decimated in the dispersals, dispossessed and removed from country, thus limiting opportunities for caring for country by First Nations Peoples who never left their homes in heart, mind and spirit.
The Wiri, Yuwiburra and Barada Barna Peoples have been regathering over the years and hold aspirations for their families as part of the broader Birri Gubba Nation.
Through the Wiri Yuwiburra Community Benefits Trust (“WYCBT”), descendants of the First Nations Peoples in the Hail Creek Coal Agreement Area have an opportunity to build and sustain the present and future aspirations of the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great- great grandchildren of the First Nations Peoples of and in this region.
This opportunity, represented by the Trust, will be part of a more positive future for the Wiri, Yuwiburra and Barada Barna Peoples.
The Trust’s Vision is to become a lasting force in empowering the dreams and aspirations of our mobs.
Our purpose is to provide grant-making services that meet the needs of the community that make a significant social impact on the health and wellbeing of our mobs.
The Trust provides grant-making services that meet community determined needs while making an impact on mobs health and wellbeing.

Agreement Area

Our Team

In accordance with the Trust Deed, there are six Trustees: four Aboriginal Trustees, one Trustee appointed by Hail Creek Coal and one Independent Trustee. We have staff that manage the operations of the Trust.
Ronald Saltner, Chair
Carolyn Kemp
Jade Smith
Barada Barna
Bonny Barry
Kooma and Bidjara
Peter Boehm
Michael Adamski
Hail Creek Coal
Michele Galagher
Trust Administration